Airport Help Desk Job Details Requirements Responsibilities and Salary

Airport Help Desk

Job Description of Airport Help Desk

Air help desk people are the people who are paid to work to help and assist customers who come to the airport.
The staff must be accountable for administrative responsibilities and communication with passengers. Their responsibilities will include greeting passengers, supplying them with information, and assisting those passengers who may require assistance due to a disability or who are traveling with young children.
In addition to this, they are responsible for checking bags, taking reservations, and ticket sales. They should be able to quickly resolve any questions or concerns raised by passengers and make certain that everyone is happy with the service.
He would be responsible for assisting passengers in the airport terminal as part of your duties as an airport information assistant. He would also respond to passengers’ requests for information and keep them informed about any changes that may occur to their flights.
To be successful in his airport assistance desk representative role, he will need to have strong interpersonal skills and provide excellent customer service that satisfies the requirements of the airline company’s goals and vision. Exceptional ground employees should be able to multitask and ensure that every passenger is comfortable, safe, and well-informed of flight schedules, aircraft delays, weather concerns, and other issues that may affect passengers.

Airport Help Desk Responsibilities and Duties

● Making sales of plane tickets.

● Providing a plane with several kinds of beverages.

● After each trip, cleaning the aircraft.

● helping travelers who cannot walk or have little children with them.

● The dissemination of information to travellers.

● Meeting and greeting passengers, as well as providing them with a warm welcome and replying to their questions.

● has to keep checking in baggage.

● Making preparations for a reservation.

● Check everything is organized and working.

● Check where there is a shortage of people.

● Take calls on the phone.

● Give customers information about plane departure and arrivals.

● Need to operate a computer as well.

● Using the public address system, you should make announcements.

● Handle grievances.

● Maintaining and overseeing the operation of the flight information computer system.

Airport Help Desk Requirements and skills

● Post-graduation degree should be there.

● Experience as an airport help desk.

● Course related to airport work is a plus.

● Experience in customer care. And excellent in public dealings.

● Excellent interpersonal skills.

● Well-groomed, excellent communication skills.

● willing to work rotating shifts

● Know how to use a computer and have a computer course certificate.

● Highly multitasking.

● Able to understand well.

● Have telephone etiquettes.

Airport Help Desk Averages salary

The average salary is ₹2.8 lakh per annum. The compensation may increase depending on your work and company.