Beautician Job Description Responsibilities Requirements Average Salary


Job Description of Beautician

A professional who uses cosmetics to enhance a person’s appearance may be considered a beautician. Beauticians may work for production companies, theatres, television shows, or independently to enhance the beauty of any individual. A person who works in the beauty industry may have completed a degree program in cosmetology or another field that is closely related. While some makeup artists maintain full-time positions at film studios, stage shows, or news channels, others work in the beauty industry freelance. Permanent jobs for cosmetologists can typically be found in places like parlors, beauty spas and salons, and health and wellness clinics.

The “beautician” from the word we can say that a person is related to beauty. So beauticians, primarily females, are the people who with the help of makeup products enhance the beauty of customers.
They do party makeup and wedding makeup. And we know that nowadays, makeup is done in different types, HD makeup, simple makeup, bold eye makeup, and smokey eye makeup. They are specialized in all these makeups. Their work also includes hair care in which hair spa, hair cutting, and hair colouring all are there. They also do manicures, pedicures, and face massages.
The administrative duties that come with being a beautician take up a portion of their workday. Among these are the scheduling of appointments, the management of inventory, and the upkeep of the cleanliness and sanitation of the work area as well as the various kinds of equipment used for treatments at the spa.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Collect money owed to you by customers.

● Ensure that all the tools and work areas are clean and sanitary.

● Discuss the various options for your coiffure.

● The hair was washed, coloured, and conditioned.

● Examine the face, hair, and scalp to make treatment as per recommendations.

● Client services may include waxing of the eyebrows, application of makeup, and eyelash extension application.

● Contribute to the process of keeping track of the salon’s supply inventory and, as required, putting in requests for new purchases.

● Maintain a clean working space in conjunction with the other salon staff members, and do your best to maintain a welcoming environment for customers.

● Participate in all of the company’s training sessions to acquire the knowledge necessary to provide more services at an outstanding level.

● Collaborate with the management of the salon to develop marketing programs that are designed to bring in more customers.

● Trim, blow-dry, and fashion the hair

Requirements and skills

● Experience in salons and parlors is a plus.

● Superior abilities in providing service to customers and communicating with others.

● Ability that has been demonstrated to sell products as well as upsell on services.

● A valid license to practice cosmetology.

● Capability of providing a diverse range of beautification services to meet the requirements of a wide variety of customers.

● Diploma from an accredited high school and certification in cosmetology or a field closely related to the beauty industry.

● Excellent communication skills.

● It is preferred if applicants have previous experience working
directly with customers.

Average Salary

The average salary of a beautician is ₹20,000-30,000/- per month.