Cook Job Description Skills Working Condition Average Salary


Job Description of Cook

Cooks are responsible for ensuring that customers have a pleasant dining experience by preparing high-quality food. This usually entails supervising all food preparation and production aspects in a sanitary environment. Their responsibilities can range from preparing ingredients for cooking to grilling all foods.
The ideal applicant for this role has prior expertise in making Chinese cuisine, appreciates working in a fast-paced restaurant setting, and is capable of taking instruction and multitasking efficiently. If you have well experience and proper knowledge of different food and cuisine, then you can submit your application to us.

Cooks Responsibilities and duties

● Make the list of the food items and spices which is to be needed for cooking

● Ensure and Measure the ingredients to be used in the menu card

● Can manage a large kitchen and delegate tasks to coworkers

● Organized the duties of kitchen staff to ensure order and cleanliness in the kitchen

● Prepare food as per order

● Contact the manager of the restaurant for the specialties on the menu that is to be served on weekends.

● Be careful of using spices in the dishes. Taste it before serving it to the customer

● Develop new recipes so that new customers may come frequently.

● Control and try to make minimum possible waste

● Don’t make extra dishes that become a waste for us.

● Work with safety regulations and precautions.

Minimum job requirements

● Must have a good amount of experience in any restaurant.

● Must have a Culinary certification or degree from a culinary school preferred

● Must have a good knowledge of spices and their application.

● Must have a specialization in Chinese cuisine.

● High school diploma and graduate degree from any reputed college

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required

● Communicate and Comprehend English very well.

● Have a physical Ability to hold weight

● Familiarity with kitchen equipment

● Strong working knowledge of food preparation techniques and cooking methods.

● Able to work with full enthusiasm and in a speedy way

● Able to read, comprehend and follow recipes.

● Able to bake different types of cakes, pastries, rolls, and other baked food

● Organising and coordinating skills

Working Condition And Physical ability

● Physical activity in moderation. Requires handling of objects up to 25 pounds in weight on average, as well as standing or walking for longer than four hours each day.

● The flexibility of working in different shifts such as night shift, and early morning shift as per requirement

● Some physical risks or hazards are present in the workplace, necessitating the practice of fundamental safety measures.

● It’s possible for work to expose employees to unusual elements like high or low temperatures, dirt, dust, fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors, and/or loud noises in a moderately harmful way.

Average Salary

The average salary of a cook is 1.5lac per annum. The salary will be increased according to your passion and determination in your work.