Courier Job Description – Responsibilities , Duties , Requirements and Average Salary


Job Description of Courier

Courier job entails the delivery of any of the goods products which are to be delivered.
It is the job of the courier to transport and deliver customers’ goods, which include but aren’t limited to mail, parcels, and boxes. This responsibility falls under “goods” in the previous sentence. This role calls for an individual who is capable of working unsupervised while simultaneously maintaining positive relationships with customers thanks to strong communication abilities. Excellent time management skills are necessary, as is the ability to conduct simple math calculations, which will entail adding and removing things from carts, loading and unloading, and managing inventory with comprehensive records.
Their primary responsibility is to deliver the items to the clients in a manner that is both effective and timely. Also, make sure that all of the necessary paperwork is finished on time and correctly. Ensure that you keep accurate records of the deliveries that have been made by representatives of the customer service department or other departments.
They are tasked with determining whether or not there are issues with the orders that were submitted through the dispatcher or the customers’ priority. Work schedules should be coordinated in accordance with the policies and procedures of the company. Carry out pre-trip inspections at the respective client locations and verify the stock levels before the departure date.
And making sure that there is enough documentation of all of the significant client communication.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Obtaining signed receipts as well as verification of each delivery is essential.

● The process of collecting payments where it is necessary to do so.

● maintaining communication with the dispatcher officer, obtaining updated delivery instructions, and delivering progress reports.

● Keeping detailed records of package deliveries, either physically or digitally, on paper or in a computer database.

● Delivering goods and parcels to the addresses specified in the dispatch officer’s delivery instructions after collecting them from the central depot.

● Planning of delivery routes to maximize productivity and guarantee on-time delivery of packages.

● To drive the vehicle in a way that is both safe and within the law.

● Verifying the recipient’s address before making the delivery.

● preventing the loss or destruction of packages while they are in transit.

skills and Requirements

● A high school qualification or GED is required.

● Familiarity with the use of a GPS.

● Strong abilities in English.

● Have basic mathematics knowledge and strategic planning.

● Should be Self-motivated.

● Superior levels of both fitness and endurance in the physical realm.

● understanding of the terrain and an ability to map out and organize travel itineraries.

● Skills in both providing service to customers and communicating with them.

● Necessities to have a driving license.

● SVQ or NVQ levels 2 and 3 in driving freight vehicles is a desirable qualification to have.

● a track record of success in the role of a Courier Delivery Driver.

● The ability to drive safely and conscientiously.

Average Salary

A monthly wage of 16,499 rupees in India is considered the standard for a Courier.