Data Entry Job Description – Responsibilities Duties Requirements Average Salary

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Job description of Data Entry

Candidates who are proficient in using computers, are fast typists, and have an eye for detail are strongly preferred.
Information is entered into computers and processed by data entry specialists specializing in data entry software. Transcribing audio or voice recordings is another task that could be part of a data entry worker’s responsibilities. Most data entry tasks are performed digitally; however, some companies may also require paper documentation.
Data entry may be the perfect fit if you’re seeking a job with some flexibility. Because of the ease with which the majority of data entry tasks can be completed on a home computer, many companies that hire for data entry positions prefer to hire remote workers. Part-time, contract, and independent work arrangements are all viable options for those in the data entry industry.
The ability to communicate effectively, rapid typing speed, and meticulous attention to detail are all necessary for success in the role of Data Entry Clerk. It’s going to take a lot of focus. Concentration is required as they work with few interruptions. Since most of their work is done on a computer, technological proficiency is also crucial.
A Data Entry Clerk is an expert who converts paper documents into digital formats for use in databases and other electronic storage mediums. They key in data from customers supplied in electronic format, producing extensive spreadsheets of numerical data. Deficiencies in focus can snowball into much larger issues for a business.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Customers’ information typed in manually.

● Excelling at error-free data entry of massive spreadsheets.

● Compare results to the original records to ensure accuracy.

● Change the current information.

● Get info from the computer system or other storage media when needed.

● In order to keep your data safe, you should back it up frequently.

● To prevent losing important documents, sort through them after entering data.

● Enter information from paper forms into electronic files or databases using data recorders, keyboards, or scanners.

● Key in the information that has been provided by customers.

● Make error-free, massive spreadsheets out of your data.

Requirements and Skills

● Extensive background working as a data entry clerk.

● Ability to type quickly.

● Touch typing experience is a plus.

● Superior skill with spreadsheet and word processing programs (MS Office Word, Excel, etc.)

● Familiarity with common office and computer hardware and peripherals.

● An understanding of databases, even at a fundamental level.

● Excellent communication abilities in both spoken and written English.

● experience working with customers is a plus.

● Extraordinary care for detail.

● Diploma or GED is required.

● Ability to handle pressure.

Average Salary

The average Data Entry Operator salary in India is ₹ 1.4 Lakhs for less than 1 to 5 years of experience. Data Entry Operator salary at Data Entry ranges from ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 3.2 Lakhs.