Delivery Boy/Girl Job Description – Responsibilities Minimum Requirements Average Salary


Job Description of Delivery Boy/Girl

When we order food so lazily on the weekend that we can avoid cooking for the day, some people work on the weekends to ensure that the food you order reaches you promptly. These types of specialists are referred to as Delivery.

If we were to simplify things even further, we could say that a delivery boy or man is the person who brings not only the food you order but also anything else that you wish to have brought to your house. The delivery person is a profession that is utilized not only at various food outlets but also at other stores where you get all of the products you could order and want delivered to your preferred destination. To put it another way, the delivery guy is responsible for anything and everything that is brought to you after placing an order.
The delivery boy is also responsible for verifying the recipients’ identities before handing over packages, updating the delivery status on the company website after each delivery is completed, and accepting payment for delivered packages when necessary. In addition to this, you should be able to ensure that the company vehicle is well-maintained and refueled on a regular basis.
If you want to be successful as a delivery boy, you need to make sure that you always obey the rules of the road regarding safety. In the end, a good delivery boy should be able to analyze traffic patterns and locate alternative routes in order to complete deliveries in a timely manner.

Responsibilities of a Delivery Boy/Girl

The tasks that a delivery boy is expected to complete can be categorized into three distinct categories: those that need to be completed before the delivery, those that need to be completed during the delivery, and those that need to be completed after the delivery has been completed.

● Check the quality of each item and make sure that you have enough of everything stocked for the delivery.
● It is necessary to provide the customer with information regarding each and every aspect of the product discounts o that they can make an informed decision.
● If the item the customer ordered is something potentially hazardous to them, such as an electronic device or something else, it is important to ensure they know how to handle the product properly.
● Check the quality of each item and make sure you have enough of everything stocked for the delivery.
● Make sure every item is arranged in accordance with the destination that is most important to them.
● Obtain the customer’s signature as an acknowledgment that the product was delivered to you on time and with no damage.
● Both exceptional driving ability and the ability to navigate are required for this position.
● It is necessary to serve as an effective keeper of the food, products, goods, and other items that customers have ordered.
● It is necessary to ensure that the products the customers have ordered are risk-free.
● They should plan their route to ensure they can deliver those items on time while also maintaining efficiency.
● Should be extremely careful enough to perform additional tasks beyond what is expected, simply moving items from one location to another.

Minimum Requirements and Skills

● A current and active driver’s license in addition to a spotless driving record
● Capacity for long periods behind the wheel of a vehicle, as well as for lifting and carrying heavy food orders.
● Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to verbally communicate and the resolution of conflicts.
● attentive to detail and well-organized.
● Familiarity with the neighborhood, including the area’s roads, highways, and buildings.
● Familiarity with working with cash and providing change.

Average Salary

It is possible for a boy or girl who works as a delivery boy/girl to make anywhere from Rs.10,000 to Rs.30,000 per month or even more. This amount is determined by the size of the company or vendor as well as the performance of the agent themselves. Every once in a while, the company may award a bonus to the agents depending on their performance as well as the comments and suggestions made by the customers.