Fitter Job Description Responsibility Duties Requirements and Skills Salary

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Job Description of Fitter

Fitters are well-suited to individuals who are dexterous with their hands, numerate well, and have an intellectual ability for interpreting technical drawings.
Fitters examine drawings, plans, specifications, and blueprints to fit, assemble, and form machinery and other equipment components.

He needs to be able to read blueprints and build structural parts to exacting standards. In addition, he needs to make sure the final goods are up to par with quality and market norms.

He must be able to inspect the machine thoroughly and replace any worn or damaged components. He needs to be physically fit and have a keen eye for detail if he wants to succeed as a Fitter. In addition, he needs to know how to use manual and electric tools and handle heavy equipment when necessary.

Moreover, he needs to be able to interact with customers to learn about their needs. And his mathematical and problem-solving skills will give him an additional edge. He must work well with others and keep the team on track to meet their deadlines.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Analyzing the construction plans for various mechanical devices.

● Putting together and constructing a structure.

● Verifying the dimensions and quality of parts by measuring and inspecting them.

● Employing welding gear and conventional hand tools like a ball-peen hammer, hack saw, and steel ruler to build structural elements.

● Keeping up with routine inspections.

● fixing any problems found in the system.

● Scheduling reorders of broken or faulty components.

● Examining designs and plans to determine what tools, resources, and conditions will be needed for specific operations and components.

● Assembly work entails using tools to break, file, plane, bore, and drill metal and checking parts for accuracy and fit before they are installed in machines and equipment.

● Putting in orders for replacement components if existing ones are damaged or faulty.

● Maintaining strict adherence to the established norms and industry safety guidelines.

● Modifying, arranging, and uninstalling tools and metal parts on demand and according to specifications.

● Examining the completed products to determine whether or not they meet the requirements outlined in the specifications.

● Keeping the work area clean both before and after each shift.

Requirements and Skills

● Have high school degree

● Competence in analysis and the ability to solve problems.

● Should perform their duties with vigilance.

● Effective management of one’s time and capacity for organization.

● Effective verbal and nonverbal communication abilities.

● the ability to keep one’s cool and remain composed in high-pressure situations.

● Capability of providing superior service to one’s customers.

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹1.4 lakh per annum. The salary may increase depending on your work.