Food Packer Job Description – Responsibilities Minimum Requirement Skills and Salary

Food Packer Job

Job description of Food Packer

The food packer is responsible for providing the physical labour necessary to move products to storage areas using the appropriate material handling equipment, as well as stacking and storing the merchandise in an effective manner in the appropriate location.
Those who work in packaging are responsible for cleaning the materials used in packaging, loading items into containers, and appropriately weighing and labelling the items. In addition to this, they conduct final inspections to identify flawed items, make certain that only items that are in working order are moved to the loading area or inventory, and maintain comprehensive records of the materials and shipments.
Packagers are responsible for a variety of essential tasks due to their position as one of the final checkpoints between the buyer and the manufacturer. They have the responsibility of ensuring that everything is in good working order. Any items found to be flawed must be thrown away in accordance with the policies of the company.

 Food Packer Responsibilities

● Ensure that the work area is kept clean
● Prepare the items for shipment or storage by packaging, weighing,
and labeling them.
● Follow all company guidelines regarding packaging.
● Identify any items that are broken and get rid of them.
● Offer support to customers by taking their calls and promptly responding to their emails as part of your customer service duties.
● Carry out a variety of responsibilities while working at the front desk.
● Make appropriate use of the materials for packaging, including hand tools, glues, nails, padding, and so on.
● Always remember to keep detailed records of anything and everything that passes through the warehouse.
● Taking measures to ensure the cleanliness of manufacturing equipment
● Collaboration among members to maximize effective action
● Maintain orders according to the specifications of each customer.

 Food Packer Minimum Requirement and Skills

● Must have a high school diploma.
● Having basic maths knowledge.
● Required to have a valid certificate in food safety handling.
● The capability of standing for an extended time (ten hours or more).
● Must be able to withstand the hottest or coldest weather.
● Ability to work in different shifts.
● Must have multitasking abilities
● Pre-employment testing, a thorough investigation of one’s work history and criminal history, and successful completion of a drug test are all prerequisites for consideration for employment.
● Ability to speak and comprehend English.
● Have Telephone etiquette
● Have basic knowledge of computers.
● Essential skills for working in a shop, such as how to use hand tools.
● The ability to work in a shop requires essential skills, such as knowing how to use hand tools.
● Have physical ability to lift 4-5 kg weight.

Average Salary

The average salary of a food packer is 1.5lac per annum.