Fruit Packer Job Description – Responsibilities Minimum requirements and Average Salary

Fruit Packer

Job Description of Fruit Packer

An individual who classifies selects, and sorts fruits according to their type, size, and degree of ripeness is known as a Fruit Packer. Their primary responsibility is to examine the packaging of fruit to ensure that it is adequate for transport.
The majority of your day as a fruit packer will be spent deciding which kind of packaging is best suited for each different type of fruit item and packing the fruit.
It seems quite simple to pack the fruit. On the other hand, it is a fairly complicated matter.It is necessary to have knowledge regarding which kinds of fruit are packaged in which manner.
For instance, the grapes will be squished if you pack them in cartons because of the restricted space. Therefore, the decision regarding how to proceed in the circumstances such as these is entirely dependent on you. Because you have to pick up heavy items like melons, fruit packing can be quite challenging. But it’s always worth it in the end! The work demands a certain degree of physical dexterity from its participants.

Responsibilities of a Fruit Packer

● Examine the work orders in order to figure out the daily fruit packing responsibilities.
● Make sure each fruit you buy is as fresh as it can be.
● Identify the most appropriate method for packing fruit, taking into account the variety and its degree of sensitivity to its environment.
● You should sort the fruits according to their size and type.
● Be responsible for supervising and assisting with the process of filling the containers.
● Follow the steps below to ensure that the fruit is safe to eat.
● Put each individual piece of fruit or each stack of individual pieces of fruit into the appropriate bag or pack.
● Count and weigh the amounts, and adjust the quantities as necessary to achieve uniformity across all of the bags and boxes.
● Monitor and assist in the process of filling up the containers.
● Follow the steps below to ensure that the fruit is safe to eat.
● Be sure that the nails are correctly positioned so that they do not cause any damage to the fruit.
● Weighing the finished products (boxes, packages, or crates) is necessary in order to fill out the necessary paperwork for fruit shipments.
● Inform those responsible for loading and delivering the boxes about how to care for the boxes properly.
● Wrap the fruit’s exposed layers in plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

Fruit Packer Minimum Requirements and Skills

● Must have a high school diploma.
● Having basic maths knowledge.
● Required to have a valid certificate in food safety handling.
● The capability of standing for extended amounts of time (ten hours or more).
● Must be able to withstand the hottest or coldest weather.
● Ability to work in different shifts.
● Must have multitasking abilities
● Pre-employment testing, a thorough investigation of one’s work history and criminal history, and successful completion of a drug test are all prerequisites for consideration for employment.
● Ability to speak and comprehend English.
● Have Telephone etiquette
● Have basic knowledge of computers.
● Essential skills for working in a shop, such as how to use hand tools.
● The ability to work in a shop requires essential skills, such as knowing how to use hand tools.
● Have physical ability to lift 4-5 kg weight.

Average Salary

The average salary is 20,000 to 50,000 depending on the work hours.