Fruit Picker Requirements Responsibilities and Duties Averages Salary


Job Description of the Fruit Picker

Fruit pickers collect fruits and berries throughout the year, picking them according to the various seasons. Pickers of fruit find employment on farms, market gardens, and orchards all over the region. They examine the food as it is being harvested, checking to see if it is ripe and throwing away any portions that have become overly ripe, as well as those that exhibit symptoms of rot or disease. They may harvest the produce by hand or use specialized harvesting machines, depending on the type of crop they are working with and the scale of the operation. These workers may also pack the products in boxes and other containers with great care, getting them ready for shipment.
Harvesters of fruits and vegetables often work outside in all kinds of climates. Depending on the time of year and geographical location, workers may be subjected to conditions ranging from scorching heat and bright sunshine to freezing rain and gusty winds. Because their pay is directly tied to the amount of fruit or vegetable they harvest, these workers must toil from dawn until dusk, seven days a week. This is physically demanding work, as pickers must frequently ascend and descend ladders while carrying heavy loads of fruit and vegetables.

Depending on the season, people who harvest fruits and vegetables may have to travel long distances to find work. Though some companies provide pickers with food and housing, it is usually very basic, and most workers find their food and lodging.
These workers may also be responsible for cleaning and packing the produce in preparation for shipment, which may be done manually or with specialized machinery, depending on the circumstances. Fruit pickers may also be required to perform their jobs while standing on ladders or elevated work platforms.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Racks, trays, and harvest bins need to be cleaned, along with a general tidying up of the areas used for growing, producing, and packing.

● Contribute to the general upkeep of the farm, as well as the upkeep of the equipment and tools.

● Could be of assistance in getting garden beds ready for planting.

● May compose daily reports on the progress of the inventory harvested.

● Harvesting crops in rows and orchards.

● At the farm, one must organize, weigh, and pack the various fruits and vegetables.

● Crates, supplies, farm produce, and other products that need to be transported are loaded, unloaded, and transferred.


● Capable of maintaining a high rate of productivity over extended periods.

● Willing to perform outdoor labour regardless of the temperature or precipitation.

● Capable of moving from one property to another to harvest fruits and vegetables.

● Capable of performing manual labour, which can sometimes be physically demanding.

● Dependable and eager to succeed.

● Have fun in the real world.

● free of skin conditions and chemical sensitivities caused by agricultural products.

● Capable of handling the strenuous physical demands of the position.

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹1.6 lakh per annum. The pay may increase depending on your work.