Insurance Consultant Job Description Responsibilities and Duties Skills Average Salary


Job Description of Insurance Consultant

The documentation related to insurance is prepared and checked for accuracy by insurance consultants. They may work at call centers.
They are responsible for processing insurance applications, alterations to insurance cover, standard endorsements, and insurance claims. In addition to this, they check the totals of accounts and compile summaries of reinsurance to figure out the risks that are still outstanding.
They assess the prospective risk exposure, send out reminders of overdue premiums, and provide forms pertaining to the conservation and transfer of insurance.
Life, health, property, and any number of other types of insurance are just some of the policies that insurance consultants offer and negotiate on behalf of their clients. You can work for an insurance company, refer customers to independent brokers, or act as an independent broker when you become an insurance consultant.

The day-to-day responsibilities of an insurance consultant also include a significant amount of work related to marketing. Successful insurance agents employ marketing methods in order to promote both new and existing insurance plans. In order to bring in new consumers to your firm, marketing activities are also an essential component.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Manage policy renewals by contacting customers, building strong relationships with them, and keeping those ties healthy.

● Inform customers about Lifebroker and the goods it offers, so that each customer can obtain a comprehensive understanding of the choices available to them.

● Responsible for achieving attainable monthly revenue goals.

● Ensure that you are in compliance with the requirements related with your employment as a general advisor.

● Record keeping, paperwork, and the generation of quotes should be done in a precise and accurate manner.

● Maintain productive working relationships with various departments to ensure that the application process for customers is quick, easy, and accurate.

● Help people with their questions over the phone and online, and do your best to make everyone happy.

● Compare various life insurance options, as well as offer basic guidance and suggestions for selecting the right policy

● Manage policy renewals by contacting customers, building strong relationships with them, and keeping those ties healthy.

Requirement and Skills

● Must be a Graduate at least.

● Proven experience as an insurance consultant is a plus.

● Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication abilities and the capacity to establish a positive rapport with customers.

● Capability to expert influence and negotiate terms within a setting that requires compliance.

● Applicants must show promise, possess relevant expertise in sales, and be capable of meeting or exceeding quotas.

● Observe all of the guidelines and regulations.

● Be self-driven, inquisitive, proactive, and relentless in your pursuit of knowledge.

● Excellent detail orientation as well as the planning skills necessary to properly handle many priorities.

● A proactive approach that places a primary emphasis on the client’s requirements in every interaction.

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹2.4 lakh per annum. The compensation may increase depending on your work and company.