IT Help Desk Job Description Responsibilities Requirements Average Salary

Help Desk

Job Description of IT Help Desk

The IT Support team is responsible for maintaining the computer networks of all kinds of organizations. Additionally, they offer technical support to ensure that the company operates efficiently. IT Support is accountable for the monitoring and maintenance of the company’s computer systems, the installation and configuration of hardware and software, and the resolution of any technical problems that may arise. Some businesses may require their IT Support to work shifts due to the nature of the position.
As an employee of an organization’s technical support department or help desk, he will be responsible for many tasks. It is expected that employees will go to first if any problems or adjustments need to be made, such as lost passwords, viruses, or issues with their email.

Installation and configuration of computer systems, fault diagnosis in hardware and software, and face-to-face or telephone resolution of technical issues are some examples of the tasks that may be required.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Keeping self-help documentation up to date so that clients and employees can attempt to resolve issues on their own.

● Collaborating with field engineers so that customers and employees can visit if the issue is more serious.

● Examining and repairing broken pieces of equipment.

● Collaborating with clients and staff members to determine computer issues and providing advice regarding how to fix them.

● Keeping a log and record of inquiries from both customers and employees.

● Analyzing call logs to identify recurring patterns and underlying issues.

● Maintaining and overseeing the monitoring of computer networks and systems.

● Providing prompt responses to concerns and questions regarding the provided service.

● Providing assistance and support on a technical level throughout the company.

● Creating accounts for newly registered users.

● Performing maintenance and replacement of equipment as required.

● Experimenting with brand new technology.

● Possibly providing training for additional junior members of staff.

Requirements and skills

● Experience as an IT help desk for at least 2-3 years.

● An ability to evaluate the level of IT expertise possessed by each consumer or worker.

● Having the ability to deal with challenging callers.

● One who thinks logically.

● Competence in analysis and the ability to solve problems.

● knowledge of the technology that is current.

● A comprehensive knowledge of the computer programs and hardware your clients or employees are utilizing Skill sets in interpersonal communication and customer service.

● Maintaining accurate and reliable records.

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹1.6 lakh per annum. The pay may increase depending on your work and company.