Laborer Job Description – Responsibilities Requirements Average Salary


Job Description of the Laborer

General laborers are employees who perform a variety of extraneous duties in warehouses, construction sites, or other settings. Typically, they are employed in the manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and maintenance industries. They may receive daily, weekly, or monthly payments, depending on the nature of their employment. For manual labor jobs in many industries, it might be mandatory to be older than 18 years old.

The setting in which they work and their level of specialization both influence the types of tasks that general laborers are responsible for. Typically, they are employed in the construction industry, where they assist in the assembly of scaffolding, the cleanup of work sites, and the assistance of more specialized workers like painters and electricians. General laborers are sometimes required to perform hazardous work, such as working with hazardous materials or removing lead paint from buildings. In these circumstances, you might be required to schedule training sessions on the safe handling of hazardous materials in the workplace.

Because they are responsible for performing a wide variety of tasks, General Laborers need to be in good physical shape so that they can work in factories, on construction sites, and in warehouses. In addition to this, they must be able to work independently while also following instructions.

Responsibilities and Duties Required.

● When performing manual labor tasks, it is important to listen to and follow the instructions of your supervisors (e.g., digging, stacking up goods)

● Install cautionary markers (such as signposts and cones) for the benefit of passing motorists and pedestrians.

● Help is needed in erecting and moving the temporary structures (e.g., scaffolding)

● Notify the appropriate people of any problems with the equipment or unsafe conditions.

● Keeping the factory premises clean and well maintained.

● Performing operations of loading, unloading and transporting apparatus and materials

● Garbage collection and disposal are being performed.

● The sweeping and washing down of the streets.

● Utilizing, running, and cleaning up after the machinery.

● The removal of unwanted materials from a worksite, such as rubble, soil, brush, and other materials.

● Trimming bushes and trees, removing weeds, and turning the dirt are the tasks that need to be completed.

● Harvesting, sorting, cleaning, and packing agricultural products.

● Taking care of and providing food for farm animals.

Minimum Skills Requirements

● A robust build with sufficient physical endurance.

● Capability to accept direction and act in accordance with it.

● Capacity for promptness and dependability in performance.

● Capability to pick up new skills quickly on the job.

● Capability to collaborate with a variety of work crews.

● Capacity for raising and transporting weighty objects.

● The capability of working effectively in any kind of weather.

● Capability to perform work at elevated heights or in confined spaces.

● Capability to pay attention while on the job and to do so safely.

Average Salary

The average general labour salary in Canada is $30,495 per year or $15.64 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $27,791 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $36,010 per year.