Laundry Attendant Job Description – Responsibilities Requirement Average Salary


Job Description of Laundry Attendant

As a Laundry Attendant, you will be expected to wash, dry, and fold personal items and hotel linens. You will also be responsible for sorting the laundry by color shades and materials. You should have exceptional knowledge of using dry cleaning equipment and various laundry techniques; a Laundry Attendant’s job is to ensure a wide selection of clean linens available for use across the entire hotel. If the hotel provides a cleaning service, the laundry attendants may also be charged with maintaining the personal objects of the visitors. A laundry attendant must follow precise washing and drying procedures to clean and dry personal belongings properly.

His primary responsibility is to treat stains and meticulously sort through the linens. Place all items to be cleaned into the washer, then add the necessary cleaning agents. Ensure that all the clothes, including the linens, have been professionally washed and that there are no stains on them. Take damp, dirty, and clean things, and dry them exactly as indicated. Depending on the location, you can either fold and sort the clothes or hang them up to dry. Keep track of the cleaning materials inventory, and keep in touch with the general manager about any specialized needs.
Performing routine maintenance on all of the laundry equipment and informing the facilities manager of any required maintenance. When necessary, do extra services related to laundry.

Laundry Attendant  Responsibilities and Duties

●Keeping an eye on how much water is being used to ensure maximum consumption.

●Notifies the supervisor of any equipment problems or supplies shortages.

●All articles that pass through the fully automated ironer must be sorted, and any stains must be treated.

●Empty all laundry baskets.

●Items that need to be cleaned include rags, filter cloths, wiping cloths, bags, sacks, work attire, and bags.

●Move garbage cans to the dumpster, empty them out, and maintain the laundry area in accordance with the criteria set by the company.

●Identifies and sorts dry goods according to their category or identifying number.

●Helps with any emergency procedures that may need to be carried out, such as Evacuation, Fire, and Bomb Threat.

●After receiving filthy items, categorize them according to their type, color, and level of the soil.

●Ironing and folding machines must be operated in accordance with the specifications.

●After cleaning, items are folded and stacked according to their specified amounts, types, and sizes.

Laundry Attendant Skills and Requirement

●Preferred: 1 year of experience cleaning more than 15 rooms in hospitals or hotels.

●It is highly desirable for candidates to be fluent in English.

●Must be able to maintain scheduling flexibility during weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

●The capability of providing assistance to coworkers with the tasks that they are responsible for and participation in group efforts

●Heavy lifting, pulling, and pushing on a consistent basis is a requirement.

●Capability to continue working while exposed to high temperatures and large amounts of lint in the air.

Laundry Attendant Average Salary

An annual salary of 1.2 lakh rupees is considered to be the norm.
When you have more experience, you earn more money, and if you become an expert in your profession, you have the potential to make even more money.