Librarians Job Description Responsibilities Duties Requirement and skills Average Salary


Job Description of Librarians

Librarians work in libraries where different types of books are kept for people who want to study and read.
They are responsible for managing information and resources and assisting individuals in locating and using data. User, technical, and administrative services comprise most of a librarian’s workday.
Librarians are responsible for maintaining current knowledge of resources and literature and selecting publications for the library’s collection. To choose suitable materials for a library, one must have a knowledgeable command of different information sources. A librarian is responsible for classifying, organizing, and cataloging all of these materials. In addition, librarians offer their recommendations for reading material and assist individuals in locating the information they require. They examine the collections and categorize them based on the topic matter. They instruct people on searching for the information they require using the library’s various databases and systems. In addition, librarians often lead unique programs or teach classes.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Takes part in long-term planning for the library, which includes making suggestions for alterations or enhancements and conceiving new categories of services and business ventures.

● It is the responsibility of this position to help the Library Director monitor the physical plant.

● Identifies funding opportunities for library services and programs and works to secure such opportunities.

● Maintains currency in professional knowledge by way of involvement in professional organizations, attendance at system meetings, participation in workshops, and pursuit of chances for continuing education.

● Provides recommendations to the Library Director on policies and procedures pertaining to patrons and technology, as well as advice on long-term needs in regard to these subject areas.

● Offers a reference service as well as readers’, audiovisual, and technological consulting services to the general public.

● The person in charge of this position supervises the technical services department and coordinates the material budgets for all library departments.

● Attends the monthly meetings of the Board of Trustees for the library and produces narrative reports when necessary.

● Serves as a resource for both day-to-day operations and the Library Director when that individual is not present.

● Serves on committees for the library system and represents the library in community and system meetings.

● Assists the Library Director with matters pertaining to staff, the budget, the building, and administrative tasks.

Requirement and skills

● Librarian with a Master of Library Science (MLS) degree from a graduate library school approved by the American Library Association (ALA) and five years of professional library experience with increasing levels of responsibility.

● a solid foundation in computer and technology and formats for non-print documents.

● Patience, tact, and great communication abilities.

● Learn from others as well as impart knowledge to others.

● Capability to instruct and manage other library employees.

● Abundant abilities in the area of organizing.

● Capability to organize and coordinate the efforts of people working on a project.

● Possession of the ability to lead by example and inspire those around you.

● Capability to form fruitful working ties with various community organizations.

● Personality that is friendly and outgoing.

Average Salary

The average salary is ₹2.4 lakh per annum.The more experience you have, the more money you make, and you can potentially make even more if you become a specialist in your field.