Lifeguard Job Description Responsibilities Skills Averages Salary


Job Description of Lifeguard

Lifeguards are responsible for ensuring the safety of those utilizing an underwater facility, such as a swimming pool, water park, or beach, by using their knowledge and expertise to avoid accidents and the performance of rescue operations.

Lifeguards are competent individuals who can maintain their composure and respond competently in times of crisis.

Excellent judgment and physical fitness are required to fulfill the duties of a lifeguard. It’s possible to find work as a lifeguard in beaches, public or private pools, water parks, or rivers.

They are responsible for supervising and monitoring customers at aquatic establishments, as well as taking immediate action to guarantee the well-being of people in the case of an emergency. Performing water rescues, providing first aid, dispensing oxygen, and providing other forms of immediate medical attention and treatment as necessary. To maintain a clean, safe, and easily accessible building, they perform various maintenance responsibilities and risk management obligations.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Always stay up to date on your First Aid and CPR training.

● Keep an eye on the children while they are swimming.

● Keep a keen eye on the well-being of the guests.

● Maintain compliance with the laws governing occupational health and safety.

● Be knowledgeable about the safety of the property and first aid.

● Be knowledgeable about fire and emergency protocols, and always operate machinery safely and sensibly.

● Take appropriate action about the safety issues, and report your findings to the supervisor.

● Keep a record of any accidents and events involving security.

● Provide services that are not only professional but also personable and interesting.

● Welcome visitors to the swimming pool complex.

● Make sure that the guest area, which includes the changing rooms for both men and women and the outdoor and indoor areas, is spotless and organized.

● Make sure that the guest is aware of the many services and activities offered in the pool.

● Before you let guests in, check that the swimming workers have already given it a thorough inspection.

● Ensure that the customers are aware of any rules that pertain to the facility.

● Keep up the high degree of satisfaction provided to customers.

● Observe all of the department’s policies and operating procedures.

● Observe all of the policies on safety and sanitation.

● Make sure that the equipment that could save lives is in place and in good operating order.

● It is imperative that water treatment be performed consistently.

Requirements and skills

● Mandatory training and accreditation as a lifeguard is necessary.

● Capacity for both social interaction and the resolution of issues

● Extremely responsible and dependable.

● Capability of working within a team Capability of concentrating on guests’ requirements while maintaining composure and courtesy at all times.

● Efficient Communication

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹1.6 lakh per annum. The compensation may increase depending on your work and company.