Marketing Job Description Responsibilities Requirements Averages Salary


Job Description of Marketing

The term “marketing” refers to a broad field of study that incorporates various subfields, abilities, and job descriptions. When one works in marketing, one is responsible for presenting a firm in a favorable light, most commonly by demonstrating to customers and clients why they should have faith in a company and buy its products or services.

Marketers are responsible for planning, creating, and executing marketing initiatives to extend the reach of their firm and the pipeline of potential customers they serve. Qualifications, responsibilities, and abilities needed to succeed in a marketing role should all be included in a job description.

Marketers are responsible for spreading the word about the goods or services offered by their company. Their responsibilities include monitoring market trends, developing pricing strategies, developing advertising campaigns, developing targeting strategies based on demographic data, and working with the company to develop more awareness of what they have to offer.

Job description of marketing

● Ensure that the marketing department’s staff meetings and internal communications run well.

● Keep track of executive schedules and monitor the amount of work on each project.

● As part of the marketing team, you will be responsible for planning, preparing, and delivering presentations.

● Carry out research for essential marketing campaigns.

● Help organize and provide administrative support for various projects while also assisting the marketing leadership team.

● Keep up an open line of communication between the marketing executives and all internal and external stakeholders.

● Participate in the process of putting marketing strategies into action.

● Help the marketing manager keep an eye on everything in the department with your support.

● Participate in and coordinate the organization of marketing activities and events to increase brand recognition.

● Create advertising and public relations plans for a product or service, and run those plans across various media (social, print, etc.)

● Maintain communication with many interested parties, including vendors, to increase the company’s visibility and ensure its actions’ success.

● Work together with the management on the creation of budgets and the tracking of expenses.

Requirements and skills

● A deep study of social media platforms and web analytics is required.

● Exceptional ability in organizing and multitasking, as well as communication and interpersonal skills of the highest caliber.

● Creativity and a grasp of market conditions.

● A member of the team who prioritizes the needs of the client.

● a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing, business administration, or a related subject.

● Proven experience in the capacity of marketing officer or a role that is comparable.

● Strong familiarity with the strategies, fundamentals, and best marketing practices.

● A solid comprehension of the procedures for doing market research, as well as statistical and data analysis approaches.

● Excellent familiarity with Microsoft Office as well as a marketing software.

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹2.4 lakh per annum. The pay may increase depending on your work and the company