Mason Job Description – Duties Responsibilities Requirements and Salary


The job Description of Mason

A mason is a person who works in making the building during its construction. He is the one who prepares stones for the building.
Mason’s work entails building a structure with the help of bricks, cement, concrete, and stones.
Their work is to make a mixture of cement using sand and other things.
First, sand is filtered and then used in the paste.
Mason is the most important person in the construction industry. He has to cut or break bricks and concrete used in making the wall. His work also includes preparing the surfaces and repairing broken walls or surfaces.
Masons are considered manual laborers, so most of their work is done outside. They usually put in full-time hours and frequently work under pressure to meet a deadline, but the amount of work they do can vary depending on the weather. The job can be physically demanding because it requires moving heavy materials around, lifting, transporting, and positioning those materials, and using a variety of heavy tools and equipment.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Contribute to the development of the building layout, as well as the framing, sheathing, and roofing structures.

● Employ necessary construction gear and tools to carry out fundamental project responsibilities in a risk-free manner.

● Identify and eliminate any potential dangers, then report your findings to the foreman.

● Learn to read and comprehend the technical drawings.

● Apprentices should receive training on an as-needed basis to ensure projects are finished promptly.

● On the job site, mix cement and mortar whenever it is required.

● Examining work orders, plans, or drawings to determine the work requirements and the order in which masonry and tile assignments should be completed.

● Organises work by drawing lines with chalk, using plumb bobs, tapes, squares, and levels, and using tape measures.

● Performs cutting or breaking operations on bricks and concrete utilizing hammers, powered abrasive saws, paving breakers, drills, and/or hand tools as necessary.

● Forms expansion joints and edges utilizing edging tools, jointers, and a straightedge as necessary.

● Performs operational tasks on a variety of pieces of machinery, including heavy equipment, a dump truck, and a tractor-trailer.

Minimum Requirements

The mason does not need many requirements. It is required that the mason should be physically fit enough to do all the work. His physical strength is only necessary for the work. He can hold weight to almost 30-50 kg. Able to work in extreme temperatures at different shifts.
He should have at least a high school pass certificate which is a plus point. He should know all the types of equipment used in the construction work and their knowledge of how it should be used.

● A diploma from high school or its equivalent is required.
● It is preferred that applicants have either completed an apprenticeship as a mason or have previous experience working in a comparable role.
● Physical capacity to engage in manual labor for the majority of the working day Familiarity with techniques, tools, and materials that are typically used in masonry
● Capability to function effectively both independently and within a group context.

Average Salary

The average salary for a mason is $22.36 per hour in the United States and $6,855 overtime per year.1.7k salaries reported