Pantry Helper Job Description – Duties Skills Requirement And Average Salary

Pantry jobs

Job Description of Pantry Helper

A young man or boy is responsible for tasks related to the pantry. The pantry is the part of the room that deals with food.
Services provided by the pantry boy are specially crafted to provide a clean, convenient, and hygienic atmosphere and have an understanding of the health and safety regulations governing the kitchen. Pantry Boys with hands-on experience in professional kitchen equipment who maintain food pantry inventory by placing orders with vendors and buying food and non-food items from local stores.
Pantry Boys also know how to use a variety of food preparation and storage products.
Pantry Boy is responsible for ensuring that the Food and Beverages Department receives its standard services.

Pantry Helper Responsibilities and Duties

● Meeting and greeting customers and guests as required.

● Getting the office organized and set up.

● Putting away leftovers and restocking the pantry.

● Taking care of Pantry orders and any other communications that come in.

● Managing the filing system.

● Keeping track of the available supplies.

● Keeping a record of the information as required.

● Keeping up with paperwork, being responsible for document upkeep, and performing word processing.

● Assisting in the maintenance and organization of the office common areas.

● Taking care of errands and performing the duties of a general office clerk.

● Acting as a coordinator for events when necessary.

● Performing routine maintenance on the necessary office equipment.

● Putting the glasses in their appropriate spots on the tray. It is important that the glasses are well-balanced.

● After half an hour, call to see if you can get a refill or a new order. It is rude to interrupt someone while they are talking.

● Every day, make sure to check on the stock availability.

● Ensure that the checklist and the documents are kept up to date.

● Prepare the wall cabinet by stocking it with the necessary items.

● It is necessary to replenish the tissue, dishwashing chemical, and hand soap that are contained within the dispenser.

● utensils for the kitchen and ensuring that they are stored in the appropriate locations.

Pantry Helper Skills and Requirement

● Have a graduate degree or graduate equivalent degree (GED).

● Excellent English speaking and understanding skills.

● Excellent management skills.

● Must know food safety awareness.

● Attention to detail and a calm demeanor when dealing with patrons.

● Possessing prior experience in the management of a cash register and an orders list.

● Serving alcoholic beverages requires reaching the age of majority.

● Must be able to serve food, in addition to having the physical ability to perform other types of work.

● Can work a variety of shifts depending on the needs of the company

● Maintain a sense of camaraderie and effort in all circumstances.

● A certificate demonstrating completion of training in food safety is required.

● Required to have completed a course focusing on dealing with customers.

Average Salary

The average salary for a pantry Helper is $16.18 per hour in the United States