Pet Groomer Job Description – Duties Requirements and Average Salary

Pet Groomer

Job Description of a Pet Groomer

Pet groomers are responsible for various jobs revolving around the care and maintenance of domestic animals, with a primary emphasis on dogs and cats. They give the animals baths and treat them for fleas and other ailments as well as give them baths. They use specialized techniques to cut and style pets’ hair, tailoring their services to the requirements of individual breeds. They may also perform pedicures in addition to trimming the nails. They use therapeutic shampoos and lotions in addition to other treatments. It is common for customers to expect groomers to also sell other products and merchandise in addition to pet grooming supplies.

Groomers for pets should have prior experience with the care and grooming of pets, and they typically have a work history that includes positions either in a pet store or in a veterinary office. Earning a certification in pet grooming is highly desirable. They are required to have previous experience caring for and grooming a variety of dog breeds. These positions require a strong commitment to the well-being of animals.

In addition, the groomer must abide by any specific instructions given by the owner and keep the owner apprised of any health issues identified while the pet is being groomed.

Before accepting a dog for a grooming appointment, most grooming salons require the owner of the pet to present proof that the pet has been vaccinated. Having said that, anyone who works directly with animals should be cautious and take the appropriate safety precautions to reduce the likelihood of getting bitten or scratched.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Dogs are given baths and have their coats clipped so that they adhere to one of several breed-specific standard styles.

● removing mats from the hair and detangling it.

● Laundering the clothes of pets.

● Conducting checks for various skin conditions as well as parasites.

● You need to trim their nails. Keep it checked regularly.

● Taking care of one’s ears.

● Bringing out the anal sacs.

● Cleaning one’s teeth.

● Bring them on the walk.

● Play with them, and spend time with them.

● Clean the area which they made dirty.


● Easily able to calm frightened animals and work with them.

● Capacity to work in a standing position for at least two hours and to move animals weighing more than fifty pounds.

● Ability and eagerness to acquire new knowledge on the job Fluency in speaking and writing English.

● Having a keen eye for detail.

● exhibits a deep love of animals.

● Working with animals professionally or as a volunteer Prior grooming experience.

● Professional certification (such as from the National Dog Groomers Association of America) is a plus.

● Prior work history in a field focused on satisfying customers is a plus.

● Multitasking skills are tempting.

● Ability to work as a team.

● Have precise knowledge of a pet’s activity, their behavior, and what they want.

Average Salary

The average Pet Groomer’s salary in the USA is $44,690 per year or $22.92 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $31,200 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $63,398 per year.