Pharmacist Job Description Duties Responsibility Skill Requirement Average Salary

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The pharmacist is the person who works at the medical store and assists medicine or provides medicines as per the doctor’s suggestions.
As a pharmacist, one of your primary responsibilities will be formulating and dispensing the correct drugs to the patients. By carrying out the instructions of the attending physician or by attending to the concerns and requirements of the patient, you will be successful in achieving this goal.

The position calls for a high level of knowledge and responsibility on the part of the employee. A pharmacist’s role is much broader than simply dispensing prescribed medication; instead, he or she is expected to know, as well as the willingness to assist customers and give them information as well as potential solutions.

For the pharmacist to correctly interpret the patient’s symptoms, they must have all of the necessary qualifications. This will allow the patient to receive treatment as soon as possible for a minor condition or be directed to the appropriate physician. Additionally, pharmacists are expected to be able to procure competent advice on topics such as cosmetics and para pharmaceuticals.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Offer help in addition to other medical services, such as administering injections, measuring blood pressure and temperature, etc.

● When necessary, prepare the medication using the right quantities and ingredients for each patient.

● Maintain a record of the patient’s medical history and all activities using heavy

● Maintain an awareness of the most recent developments in medical practice by
participating in medical conventions and seminars and working closely with other

● Examine and carry out the instructions in a doctor’s prescriptions while
ensuring they comply with all applicable laws.

● Maintaining a well-organized storefront at the pharmacy will make it simpler and
quicker to locate specific items in the inventory.

● Maintain complete control over the distribution, stocking, and labeling of medicines
and other products and the quality of these items to reduce the risk of their
becoming stale or deteriorating.

● Pay close attention to what the clients say so that you can correctly assess
their concerns and requirements, then provide information and recommendations.

Skills and Requirements

● Outstanding familiarity with Microsoft Office and pharmacy information systems
(e.g., MediTech, Mediware, etc.)

● Good organizational skills.

● Excellent communication abilities combined with a focus on satisfying customers.

● honesty as well as kindness.

● A Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy
or Pharmacology.

● Valid license to engage in the relevant line of work.

● Have at least 2-3 years of experience as a pharmacist.

● Knowledge of all types of medicine which is in everyday use.

● comprehensive knowledge of the administration and measurement of dosages, chemical ingredients, and other aspects of medical brands and products.

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹2.2 lakh per annum. The more experience you have, the more money
you make, and you can potentially make even more if you become a specialist in your field