Porter Job Description Responsibilities Duties Requirements and Skills Averages Salary


Job Description of Porter

A person who transfers products from one area to another may be referred to as a porter. It is common for them to be in charge of laden and unladen trucks, transporting luggage between aircraft and trains, and delivering goods to businesses and warehouses.

In general, Porters are available to assist customers with their luggage. Porters are typically found working in lodging establishments like hotels and motels, as well as on ships and in transportation hubs like airports, train stations, and harbors. They are not only responsible for looking after guests’ bags but also for directing guests to their rooms, cabins, or berths and providing customized service when necessary.

Porters can find employment with businesses that frequently use their services, such as airlines and shipping companies. In this scenario, their company can assign them specific responsibilities based on the requirements at any specified moment. However, many also operate on their own as independent contractors, marketing their skills to businesses that have an immediate need for assistance with one-off projects or events.

Porters must work in all types of weather conditions, but they often spend most of their time indoors. Porters work various shifts, including night, and have extensive one-on-one interactions with multiple customers.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Guests’ transportation needs, including booking taxis and rental automobiles as necessary.

● Providing directions and responding to questions about the area’s location and available facilities.

● Assisting guests in leaving their luggage and loading it into their vehicles (cars, cabs, and buses).

● coordinating with various transportation providers and tour companies.

● Parking and repositioning of visitor vehicles.

● Maintaining a clean and well-organized atmosphere at the Porter location.

● Tasks involving loading and unloading cargo from cars and carts.

● Guests’ bags are tagged, and identification claim coupons are given to them.

● escorting passengers to their assigned quarters, cabins, or berths on a ship.

● A detailed description of the accommodations, including their amenities and services.

● You are responsible for inspecting the guest rooms to verify that they are pleasant, well-organized, and have sufficient supplies.

● Make sure to fill out the documents for the luggage insurance.

● Prepare conference rooms, show desks, shelves, or display cases, and organize item displays for the sales employees.

Requirements and Skills

● The ability to lift 40-50kg is required.

● It is required that you have access to dependable transportation, possess strong communication skills, and be able to work in all types of weather, including extremes of heat and cold and precipitation.

● Capacity for extended time spent standing or walking on one’s feet.

● A clean driving record is mandatory under state law.

● Possession of a driver’s license that is currently valid.

● Excellent customer service abilities are vital.

● Excellent physical stamina.

● Proven experience as a porter is a plus.

● diploma of secondary education, general educational development (ged), or equivalent.

● previous experience with guests is preferred.

● a valid driver’s license is required.

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹80,000- 90,000 per annum. The more experience you have, the more money you make, and you can potentially make even more if you become a specialist in your field.