Seasonal Worker Job Description Requirements Averages Salary

Seasonal Worker

Job Description of Seasonal Worker

The term “seasonal worker” refers to an employee who has been compensated monetarily by a seasonal employer for work performed exclusively during the typical time frame for seasonal employment.
He adapts his work to the changing of the seasons.
A person who works in agriculture tends to crops like fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts, as well as takes care of livestock. In most cases, they work under the direction of an agricultural manager, who serves as their instructor while they gain experience on the job.

They can find employment on farms of varying sizes, ranging from those run by families to those that are part of large-scale industrial agriculture operations.

The work that agricultural laborers do can be challenging at times. The manual harvesting of fruits and vegetables requires the workers to bend and crouch frequently. They are also responsible for lifting and carrying tools and crops. While working in the fields, workers might have a restricted amount of access to both drinking water and restrooms.

Pesticides that are sprayed on crops or plants pose a danger to workers in the agricultural industry. However, if safety procedures are adhered to, the risk of exposure can be kept to a minimum. Workers need to be always on high alert because tractors and other types of farm machinery can cause serious injuries. Agricultural workers who interact directly with animals run the risk of being bitten or kicked by those animals.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Wheelbarrows and tractors can be used to relocate bushes, plants, and trees.

● Provide food for the animals and clean and disinfect their enclosures, including their pens, cages, yards, and hutches.

● Perform physical examinations on the animals to look for signs of injury or illness.

● Marking livestock with brands, tags, or tattoos allows for easy identification of ownership and grade.

● Drive the livestock to the weighing scales, trucks, or other enclosures, or herd them to grazing pastures.

● It is essential to vaccinate animals to protect them from diseases.

● Handle the harvesting and quality control of the crops.

● Keep ditches, pipes, and pumps in your farm’s irrigation system in good working order.

● When planting, weeding, or harvesting, you are responsible for directing and monitoring the activities of work crews.

● Ability to operate and maintain farm equipment.

● Spray insecticides, fungicides, or fertilizer solutions on the land to eliminate weeds, pests, or both.

Skills and Requirements

● Knowledge of different farmings.

● High skills in farming and agriculture.

● know about pesticides and weedicides used in respective farming.

● Capacity to work for long hours.

● High school qualified.

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹1.2 lakh per annum. The Salary may increase depending on your sales.