Supervisor Job Description – Duties Skills Requirement And Average Salary


Job Description of Supervisor

In the management of the factory, the supervisor is given an important role to play. Supervision at the factory level involves keeping an eye on the work that subordinates produce. The supervisor is a management team member, and he is considered one of the first-line managers. He is often referred to as “linking pins” between management and the workers they oversee. He serves as the spokesperson for both the management and the workers.
He must fulfill a wide variety of roles, contributing to the organization’s overall efficiency. As a result, the supervisor is the only manager who can be considered to play an important role at the execution level. Some philosophers subscribe to the view that supervisors should be considered workers. The term “manager” is also used by some additional philosophers to refer to these people. To be more accurate, however, he ought to be referred to as a manager or an operative manager. It is primarily his responsibility to supervise employees working at the operative level of management.

One of the duties of a supervisor is to organize the daily shift schedules for the factory. At the same time, he is responsible for assigning different portions of the work to different workers following the latter’s skills. A member of an organization’s management team must indeed include a supervisor to fulfil their role properly. He is a manager of operations.

Responsibilities and Duties

● Assisting in the resolution of emergent issues, such as problems with quality or customers, that may be brought to the attention of the team supervisor for further action

● recognizing and finding solutions to issues that arise in the workplace, such as lateness or tardiness.

● Training employees or ensuring that they have received sufficient training for their respective roles.

● The process of allocating work hours and shifts.

● Managing shift changes and providing opportunities for cross-training.

● Informing team members about recent developments at the company, including financial results and new goals.

● Maintain a high level of quality in all aspects of customer service.

● Taking measures to ensure that the workplace is free from hazards and promotes employee health and well-being.

● Make sure to meet deadlines.

● Approving work hours.

Minimum Skills Requirement

● A graduate degree from a reputed college is a must.

● Experience of at least 2-4 years as a supervisor.

● Basic computer course certificate.

● Have excellent knowledge of Microsoft excel, word, etc.

● Excellent communication skills. Able to speak and comprehend English well.

● Excellent managing skills.

● Possession of the ability to maintain a positive attitude while working in a high-pressure environment.

● Have an excellent team spirit and coordinate with the team well.

● Focus on accuracy and attention to detail.

● dependable, with a high moral character and a powerful work ethic.

● Leadership quality is a must.

Average Salary

A person working as a Supervisor in the United States typically earns around 90,600 USD per year. Salaries range from 44,400 USD (lowest) to 141,000 USD (highest). This is the average yearly salary, including housing, transport, and other benefits.