Tele caller Job Profile Requirements Duties Averages Salary


Job Description of Tele Caller

The job of tele Caller requires mastery in required languages such as English and Hindi, and candidates should also have a solid understanding of computers. The majority of jobs for telecallers are found in call centers, either as customer service or marketing agents. The use of telemarketing, which is both a cost-effective and efficient method, is one strategy businesses employ to market and sell their goods and services to existing and potential customers.
It is necessary for People of Telecom to familiarise themselves with the particulars of each offering and to keep themselves up to date regarding any changes that may be made to these options. He must obtain and maintain up-to-date lists of the individuals’ contact information. Making phone calls to existing and prospective customers in an effort to encourage them to make purchases Resolving clients’ doubts, complaints, and recommendations on time. Taking notes on the significant aspects of each interaction. The process of verbally accepting offers and communicating those acceptances to our sales team so that we can close the deal. Keep a record of all successful and unsuccessful attempts to close a sale. Participating in regularly scheduled team meetings to gain clarity on the team’s progress and the expectations related to their performance. Regardless of the attitudes or intentions of those around you, you should carry out your responsibilities with the highest level of respect.

Responsibilities and Duties

● In order to interact with the customers and maintain the flow of speech communication, you should ask questions.

● It is possible to create repeat sales by paying attention to the customers’ needs.

● Collecting and documenting customer information, including their payment methods, sales, and reactions to various products.

● Maintaining current knowledge across all products and services to the customers about newly released items.

● Meeting all sales quotas on time.

● Excellent communication skills.

● Capacity for creative and original thought.

● A patient demeanor and the ability to effectively communicate verbally with clients are required.

● Good sales ability.

● The operational data of the applicable computer software systems.

● Excellent social and problem-finding skills.

● The capacity to deal with stress and disappointment when approaching potential customers..

● Providing responses to questions that customers have regarding the product.

Requirements and skills

● Capability to know about services and products and portray or explain them to potential customers.

● Excellent command of the English language.

● Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

● calm under pressure and able to shrug off criticism.

● Excellent negotiating skills and the capacity to find solutions to problems and respond to complaints.

● Certificate of high school completion required; BSc or BA preferred.

● Proven experience in telesales or another sales or customer service role.

● Phone sales experience preferred but not required; a track record of achieving the minimum sales quotas.

● A solid understanding of pertinent computer programs (such as customer relationship management software) and telephone systems.

● Have telephone etiquettes.

Averages Salary

The average salary is ₹1.5 lakh per annum. The Salary may increase depending on your work and company.