Waiter and Waitress Job Description – Education Qualification Skills And Average Salary


Waiter and Waitress Job Description

We are looking for a skilled waiter/ waitress for our restaurant. The waiter/ waitress has to take orders and serve food and beverages to the customer. Ensure customer demand and provide satisfaction to them.
Waiter/ waitress responsibilities include greeting and welcoming customers and comforting them. Preparing the table with silverware, glasses, and water and then asking for orders. Checking the age and certificate of customers ordering beverages and liquor.
Provide detailed information about the menu, including the specialties of our restaurant. Address the problems and fruitfully negotiate them. Collecting the bill and also cleaning the table. Keeping proper hygiene in the restaurant.

Waiter and Waitress Responsibilities

● Greet and amicably welcome the customer.

● Present the menu to them and tell them our specialties of restaurants. Also, give detailed information when they ask for anything.

● Prepare tables and set up linen, spoons, forks, and glasses.

● Take orders they provide and note them down correctly with a special mention if they did.

● Verify the consumers’ ages using their identification to ensure they are of the required minimum age to purchase alcoholic beverages.

● Communicate with kitchen staff and give them orders given by the customer

● Serve food and drink orders

● After a while, ask them if they need anything else

● After their order, collect the dirty dishes and clean the table

● Collect the bill payment.

● Provide impressive service to the customer without any complaint.

● Address the problems and negotiate them efficiently

Waiter and Waitress Skills and Education Qualification

● High school and intermediate certificate

● Have basic knowledge of maths.

● Good communication skills.

● Speaking and understanding fluent English.

● Attentiveness and patience in dealing with customers

● Having experience in maintaining a cash register and orders list

● Experience of at least two years as a waiter/ waitresses

● Must have a legal age of serving beverages

● Must be able to serve food and has physical abilities to do other work also

● Can work in different shifts as required

● Have team spirit and work in every environment

● Must have a Food safety training certificate

● Must have a Customer dealing-oriented course certificate

● Multitasking ability to take care of other tables’ orders and food requirements. Managing tables for other customers.

● Enthusiastic, friendly, and well-mannered.

Average Salary

The average salary of waiter/ waitresses is 1.2 lac per annum
The Salary may vary according to shifts.