Ward Boy Job Description Responsibilities Requirements and Skills Average Salary

ward boy

Job description of ward boy

Ward boys are the male nurses. They need a variety of tasks. Non-medical tasks in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are handled by ward boys who assist medical professionals and other workers.

In hospitals, ward boys play a crucial function. They perform a wide range of duties from trying to aid in emergencies to ensuring patients have access to clean linens. Non-medical items are also something that ward boys assist keep stocked up on. They help with moving patients from one location to another using wheelchairs or portable beds, as well as turning and lifting patients. They disinfect public spaces, including restrooms, utility rooms, and showers, and wash the interior windows. The cleaning staff maintains a clean and healthy hospital environment by buffing and mopping floors, removing trash, vacuuming carpets, and dusting all surfaces. We aid you in finding skilled and reliable ward boys for hire, as their services are essential in any healthcare facility.

In hospitals, ward boys serve as the equivalent of stagehands and porters. A hospital porter’s primary responsibilities include delivering and retrieving various types of medical equipment and supplies, including but not limited to surgical instruments and fresh linens. In addition to cleaning, they often do the heavy lifting, such as moving gas cylinders, furniture, and other bulky objects. When you hire a theatre attendant from us, they will ensure that the instruments are clean and the equipment and lights in the operating room are in good working order. They transport patients to and from operating rooms and may assist with other menial tasks as needed. Weekend and night duties are common for the ward assistants. Many major hospitals have specialized wards. Therefore, ward helpers work in places like the maternity unit or the outpatient clinic. They may assist in every division of a small business.

Responsibilities and Duties

Help them with things like keeping up with their hygiene and taking care of their personal needs.

Serving patients on schedule, attending to their dietary needs, and responding to their inquiries.

Accomplishing tasks following the hospital’s established protocols.

Providing their patients with access to any resources.

Giving a hand to the medical team when needed.

Sorting outpatient records, prescriptions, and reports.

Taking care of patients’ emotional needs by providing as many amenities as possible.

Keeps everything running smoothly by sticking to established practices.

Safeguards the company’s worth by preventing the disclosure of sensitive patient data.

They help with everything from patient restraint to emergency situations to ensuring patients have clean sheets and clothes.

Additionally, ward boys assist with the upkeep of the hospital’s supply closet, which includes items other than medical ones.

they assist with moving patients in and out of beds and wheelchairs.

Bathrooms, utility rooms, and showers are just some of the spaces they clean, along with inside windows.

They maintain a clean and healthy hospital environment by buffing and mopping the floors, collecting trash, vacuuming the carpets, and dusting all surfaces.

ward guys are essential in any form of hospital or medical facility.

Requirements and skills

He should have a high school and 12th pass certificate.

At least 2-3 experience as a ward boy is necessary.

Have skills to communicate with patients.

Able to lift heavy weight as it will be required in lifting patients.

A Ward boy needs to be empathetic.

He should be patient with patients, as well as a competent communicator.

He should also have a friendly demeanor and be easy to talk to.

A ward boy’s care should respect the patient’s autonomy and individuality.

Average Salary

The average salary is ₹1.2 lakh per annum. The more experience you have, the more money you make.