Koc University Scholarship Programme 2023 | Fully Funded for mastes and PhD Education

Koc University Scholarship Programme 2023

If you are an international student looking to achieve a higher education in Turkey, Koc University Scholarship Programme 2023 is the ideal opportunity. KOC University offers a fully-funded scholarship program for Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs in various fields. By availing of this scholarship, you can study at one of the best institutes in Türkiye and accomplish your dream of a standard education.

Koc University Scholarship Programme 2023 | Fully Funded for master’s and PhD

  • Country: Türkiye
  • Host University: KOC University
  • Degree level: Masters/Ph.D.
  • Type: Fully Funded
  • Category: Scholarships
  • Deadline: Always Open 

About Koc University Scholarship Programme 2023

KOC University is a private university established in 1993 that ranks first in Turkey, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It offers over 70 graduate programs for master’s and Ph.D. degrees in many academic disciplines, including as Commerce, Social Sciences & Humanities, Sciences & Engineering, and Health Sciences. The KOC University scholarship provides various benefits to selected students, including full tuition fee waiver, monthly stipends ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 Turkish Lira, accommodation in the university, health insurance, office space for Ph.D. students, laptops, and travel grants.

Available Fields of Study

You can select from a wide range of study subjects, including Business Administration, Psychology, Economics, Law, International Relations, Political Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biomedical Sciences, and many more. All courses are offered in English.

Graduate School of Business:

  1. Masters in Management Double Degree
  2. Koç University Masters in Management (KU MIM)
  3. MBA
  4. MSc Finance
  5. Executive MBA
  6. CEMS Masters in Management (CEMS MIM)
  7. Business Administration
  8. Tech MBA

Graduate School of Social Sciences & Humanities:

  1. MA, MD, and Ph.D. Design, Technology, and Society
  2. MA and Ph.D. Psychology
  3. Joint Master in Social and Cultural Psychology
  4. MA and Ph.D. Economics
  5. MA Comparative Studies in History and Society
  6. MA and Ph.D. Archaeology and History of Art
  7. LLM Public Law and Ph.D. / Law LLM Private Law
  8. MA and Ph.D. International Relations and Political Science
  9. Sociology
  10. History

Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering:

  1. MSc and Ph.D. Chemical and Biological Engineering
  2. MSc and Ph.D. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  3. MSc and Ph.D. Mathematics
  4. MSc Optoelectronic and Photonic Engineering
  5. MSc and Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
  6. MSc and Ph.D. Computational Sciences and Engineering
  7. MSc and Ph.D. Chemistry
  8. MSc and Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  9. MSc and Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering
  10. MSc and Ph.D. Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
  11. MSc and Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering
  12. MSc and Ph.D. Physics
  13. MSc and Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Genetics

Graduate School of Health Sciences:

  1. MSc Medical Microbiology
  2. MSc and Ph.D. Nursing (Turkish only)
  3. Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  4. MSc Medical Physiology
  5. Reproductive Medicine
  6. Neuroscience
  7. MSc Reproductive Biology

Documents Required for Koc University Scholarship Programme 2023

To apply for the KOC University Turkish scholarship 2023, you will need several documents, such as an updated resume (CV), statement of purpose (SoP), GPA and academic transcripts, degree certificates, Test results for English language proficiency and letters of recommendation. You may also be asked for other documents.

Eligibility Criteria for Koc University Scholarship Programme 2023

The eligibility criteria for each course and school are different, so you must comply with all the requirements mentioned on the official website of KOC University before applying. You will discover all the requirements for each institution after choosing your preferred selection.

How to Apply for KOC University Turkish Scholarship?

To apply for this generous scholarship, register yourself through the link attached below, and you will be automatically selected for the scholarship after the interview. No extra forms are required of the candidates.

Official Website

To learn more about Koc University Scholarship, please visit the official website:
Official Website


The KOC University Scholarship in Turkey 2023 is an excellent opportunity for international students seeking higher education in Turkey. By availing of this fully-funded scholarship, you can study in one of the best institutes in Türkiye and enjoy various benefits such as tuition fee waivers, monthly stipends, and accommodation in the university. Apply now to accomplish your dream of a standard education in Türkiye.


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